Time Traveler Who Went to the Year 2749 Reveals Everything

Time Traveler Who Went to the Year 2749 Reveals Everything

Alfred Bielek is by far one of humanity’s greatest assets. He has proven himself again and again as a true fighter for the truth, he has declared everything that happened and to this day regardless of how many people attempted to silence him he’s been vehemently keeping it all nice and clear, stating nothing but the truth every step of the way.

Originally known as Edward Cameron, he was involved in most of the major experiments and projects that the US has worked on in the past, including the dreaded Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk Project.

His scariest prediction yet though comes from the future of 2749 where he supposedly spent 2 whole years. This all happened as an accident during the Philadelphia Experiment.

According to him, back on the 13th of August 1943 he jumped off of the USS Eldridge and found himself and his brother in a future hospital.

He was being treated with radiation injuries with vibrational and light treatments. On the TV there were no shows, no cartoons, and no nothing. It was only news and educational programs.

He saw immediately how different Earth was geologically speaking and he realized the fact that the US and Canada weren’t even nations anymore by that time.

The world’s population had been reduced to 300 million and he stated that impending doom was sneaking up on them under the form of the Earth’s magnetic poles and their shifting.


Author: Calican Toro

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