“The Thing” From Antarctica – Scientists Reveal a 68-Million-Year-Old Mystery

“The Thing” From Antarctica – Scientists Reveal a 68-Million-Year-Old Mystery

This is not a retired football you’re looking at, although it does have the same shape and size as one for the most part. Instead, what you’re currently observing is an unusual fossil, unlike anything that has ever been discovered before.

It is so strange that the team of experts that came across it nicknamed it “The Thing” as they joked about it being too enigmatic to be categorized.

Although it was first discovered in 2011, in 2018 it was uncovered that it wasn’t just any fossil, but the fossil of a soft-shelled egg unlike any we’ve ever seen before.

The egg appears to have been laid around 68 million years ago and as you can already tell, it appears to have been laid by some sort of an extinct lizard or sea snake.

The team even hypothesized the idea of this egg having been laid by a dinosaur but since it was discovered in Antarctica this was quickly dismissed over as no dinosaur fossils were ever encountered here.

Instead, Lucas Legendre, the lead author behind this study, did state that this is most likely the result of a mosasaur that swam too far into the Arctic.

He also mentioned how this is the largest soft-shelled egg ever discovered as it stands tall at a massive size of 11 by 7 inches or 28 by 18 centimeters.

This crumpled baked potato is sure to help us uncover more information regarding the history of Antarctica.

Author: Calican Toro

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