‘Tesla was from Venus’ claims FBI document (link)

‘Tesla was from Venus’ claims FBI document …

A rather peculiar claim concerning Nikola Tesla has been found in the archives of the FBI’s official website (Xzona.biz).

Was Nikola Tesla an extraterrestrial?

There are few people who have contributed more to the widespread implementation of electricity in the modern world than Tesla – a man whose accolades range from pioneering the use of alternating current to conducting experiments designed to transmit electricity wirelessly through the air.

Back in 1905, he submitted a patent entitled ‘The art of transmitting electrical energy through the natural medium’, which was founded on his belief that the Earth itself is a giant electrical generator that could be harnessed to provide practically limitless amounts of electricity.

There’s no denying that Tesla was way ahead of his time, however it seems that there are some who believe that his penchant for science and electricity had a more otherworldly origin.

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In a declassified FBI document entitled “Interplanetary Sessions Newsletter” and dated June 14th, 1957, there is a paragraph which claims, quite bizarrely, that Tesla came from the planet Venus.

The space people have visited the Tesla engineers many times,” it reads, “and have told us that Tesla was a Venusian, brought to this planet as a baby, in 1856, and left with Mr. and Mrs. Tesla in a remote mountain province in what is now Yogoslavia.

This apparent revelation was allegedly received by someone named Margaret Storm who, according to the file, had been assigned to work with the ‘Space People’.

She had been tasked with writing a book about Tesla’s life and had received information on him through a device that he had developed in 1938 to facilitate ‘interplanetary communication’.

If this all sounds ridiculously far-fetched then that’s because it almost certainly is, however it is interesting that the FBI would actually have a document in its archives detailing something like this.

You can read the file for yourself – HERE (see third page down).

Source: Epoch Times

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