Strange Metal Skull Discovered on Maine Beach

Strange Metal Skull Discovered on Maine Beach

Seapoint Beach, in Maine, became a hotspot of activity local law enforcement on Tuesday when what appeared to be a human skull, weathered, browned, rusted, was discovered laying inconspicuously in the sand. After a brief inspection though, the Kittery Police Department has assured everyone that the mysterious find isn’t a real human skull but is, in fact, a metal one, only further adding to the mystery.

Peculiar Find

According to Police Sgt. Josh Stewart, who made a statement on Wednesday, no one had reported the skull to police, but officers went to take a look at it after a reporter had made an inquiry. Serena Galleshaw, a Kittery resident, was the first to find this metal skull. She was out for a solo bike ride at sunset and stepped onto Seapoint Beach to stretch for a few minutes. It was then that something in the sand caught her eye and looking closer, this was when she realized it was a skull.

Galleshaw said for a few moments, she was quite concerned but once she saw the rusting, she realized that it was cast out of metal rather than a genuine human skull. Despite looking so realistic, she also noted that the skull was quite heavy. Resting up in the soft sand, it was unlikely that the skull was washed up during a storm due to the heavy weight.


With the natural movement idea being ruled out, it leaves the question of where it came from wide open. Galleshaw has, therefore, wondered if the skull was perhaps placed there as a political statement, or even to remind people who foolishly decide to go to the beach, of current world events that are plaguing the Earth.

Even if it wasn’t meant to be a statement, it could still be used as one. Many protest the opening of the beaches, despite the economic situation in the local area, due to remaining health concerns over the spread of the coronavirus. Other theories include something that was made in a classroom or perhaps even as a Halloween decoration. Neither of which explains the strange and sudden appearance in that specific location.

Someone somewhere will know something about this odd metal sculpture and hopefully, they’ll come forward. Until then though, the police are holding it in their short-term lost and found secure facilities in case someone does come forward and claim it. Until such time though, we will all be left wondering; where did this metal skull originate and what was its intended purpose?

Author: Calican Toro

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