Strange Loud Screams Coming from the Sky Pierced Texas

Strange Loud Screams Coming from the Sky Pierced Texas

This was by far the scariest experience of Daniel Robb’s life. He was trying to sleep in his apartment in Bryan City when all of a sudden he was awoken by an extremely disturbing and eerie high-pitched hollering. This all happened on May 23rd and he documented it, narrating over the incredibly disturbing screams.

He claimed later on that this was a banshee all along. Banshees are a part of Irish mythology and they are believed to be singing female spirits that attract humans. In some depictions, they are good omens but in some, they can be carnivorous, to say the least.

Commentators all around started discussing the theories behind this video, some stating that it was the calling of a wendigo, others stating that it was the roar of a dragon while others even believing that it was demons calling out to him.

The video begins after a serious storm took over the area. He managed to sleep through it but was awoken by the screams later on. He discussed the video with his neighbors who all supported his claims, stating that they also heard the screams.

Could this be faked? Was it all an elaborate prank on us or on him? You can discuss this in the comments below; we love to hear your opinion on these strange videos.

Author: Calican Toro

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