NASA UFO Incident (1991) The STS-48 Unsolved Mystery

On September 12, 1991, the STS-48 Space Shuttle launched from Florida’s Kennedy Space Center and became doubly famous as the NASA UFO incident.

The STS-48 Space Shuttle Discovery orbiter mission launched into the skies carry a payload of the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite. The five astronauts and the objective of the mission consisted of conducting experiments and deploying a number of satellites.

The mission completed eighty one orbits of the Earth before landing at Edwards Air Base runway six days later. Though the mission was a success, it has became one of the lesser thought of launches in history by most, but that isn’t true for the UFO community.

It was observed that ‘something’ was caught on video at 20:30-20:45 GMT on September 15, 1991, that can only be described as a UFO, due to it not having been identified and the case still being an unsolved mystery.

The cameras of the NASA mission caught multiple UFOs that have been suggested by experts to be under intelligent control, though no country has claimed it to be them, leading to the suspicion of non-terrestrial intelligent life being responsible.

The NASA UFO incident from the STS-48 launch was claimed to have been ice, but several other researched rejected the claim. It could have also been theorized that it was simply space debris or a light anomaly.

The UFO incident could be something mundane, but it could also be something far beyond our understanding, such as non-terrestrial intelligent life. We attribute it to one of the following;

We believe it could be nothing to do with extra-terrestrial life or intelligence and belongs behind the wall of physics that we don’t understand, possibly gravitational forces we can’t understand or possibly an object in or from a higher dimension. The other answer is that it could simply be alien intelligence.

It seems that one of the two is the most likely as we have not been about to explain it within the realms of our knowledge and physics. However, here is the 1991 video that captured the UFOs:


Author: Calican Toro

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