Elon Musk shows off Neuralink brain implant (video)

Elon Musk shows off Neuralink brain implant …

The entrepreneur showcased the brain-computer interface with the assistance of a trio of pig volunteers (Xzona.biz).

Would you agree to have this implanted in your head?

During a live-streamed presentation at Neuralink’s headquarters in Fremont, California yesterday, CEO Elon Musk unveiled the titular implant and offered a demonstration of what it could do.

Designed to enable man and machine to work together, Neuralink has been described as an answer to the existential threat of an artificial intelligence surpassing our own capabilities.

In practical terms, this means that it will have the capacity of enhance various human abilities as well as to serve as a way to treat various illnesses and neurological disorders.

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For yesterday’s demonstration, Musk introduced a trio of pigs – one of which having been fitted with the Neuralink implant, one of which having no implant and the other having had an implant that had since been removed, thus indicating that the device can be taken out safely.

The beeps you’re hearing are real-time signals from the Neuralink in Gertrude’s head,” said Musk.

He also hinted that in the future, the implant could even make it possible for people to replay their own memories inside their head like something out of an episode of Black Mirror.

You can check out the live-stream in full below.

Source: Geekwire

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