Elon Musk plays down likelihood of ET visitors

Elon Musk plays down likelihood of ET visitors …

The SpaceX CEO does not appear particularly convinced by the possibility that we are being visited by aliens (Xzona.biz).

Musk is not convinced by photographs of UFOs

Despite spending most of his time looking towards the stars, Musk has expressed surprisingly little interest in the UFO phenomenon and does not believe that intelligent aliens are visiting Earth.

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In a series of Tweets this week, he reiterated his position on the matter in response to a Tweet by Maria Bartiromo – a Fox News anchor who recently asked President Donald Trump about UFOs.

I have seen no evidence of an advanced civilization visiting Earth,” Musk Tweeted in response.

Fuzzy pics that are worse than a 7/11 security cam frame grab don’t count!”

There are literally >1000% more cameras than 10 years ago, but still zero clear photos.”

Musk grabbed attention on the social media platform back in August when he put out a presumably tongue-in-cheek Tweet that read “Aliens built the pyramids obv.

His Tweet immediately generated a slew of replies, with some users criticizing his remark and others wondering if he knows something the rest of us don’t.

Egypt’s Minister of International Co-operation Rania al-Mashat was particularly vocal – even going so far as to invite Musk to Egypt to see for himself that aliens were not involved.

Given Musk’s skepticism on UFOs however, it is likely that his pyramids Tweet was intended in jest.

Source: CNET.com

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