Cryptids explained. “ Atmospheric Beast ” (video)

These cryptid animals are said to be living in Earth’s atmosphere and are also known as “Atmospheric Beast”

Let’s take a look at these non-avian flying creatures and see what we can learn.

To begin let’s have a description of the animals, “Sky Beasts” are said to be a type of wingless lifeform which make their home in the atmosphere of our planet and some say other worlds too.

These mysterious animals are said to live their entire life cycles in the clouds being lighter than air this is something that requires little effort on their part.

There is a wide variation in types when it comes to “atmospheric beasts” some could be considered floating algae, airborne microorganisms and others are large, balloon-like organisms, whose bodies are filled with hydrogen or other gases.

Some have tentacles or flipper-like organs. In some reports, they are actually cloud-like, being not completely solid, and able to change their density and their size.

They are very similar to the creatures I looked at in my video titled the flying spaghetti monster linked above. Another strange phenomena that is linked to the “sky beasts” is “star jelly”.

This is the idea that when of these creatures dies it can fall to earth and becomes a smelly gelatinous mass, these strange jelly lumps are found globally and when discovered usually evaporates in less than a few hours.

Where these animals originated from is up for debate some say that they evolved from terrestrial animals like jellyfish of molds while others say they are space based organisms that feed in the atmospheres of planets they come across as they migrate though the cosmos.

Many strange pictures of these animals have been snapped but there are still many that think these animals are no more than camera errors or artifacts in a photograph, but consider this ocean covers the majority of our planet and people are happy to accept that sea could hide a myriad of different creatures we have yet to discover, in fact new species are almost discovered daily in the oceans of the world.

Why can this logic not be applied to the sky?/Cryptids explained. “ Atmospheric Beast ” (video)

Author: Calican Toro

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