Civilization on This Planet is 103 Million Years Old and It Was Alien

Civilization on This Planet is 103 Million Years Old and It Was Alien

There is a theory that’s been going around since the beginning of time itself. The theory quite simple, it simply states that we are not originally from planet Earth.

According to this theory we used to reside on Mars or on the Moon but then for unknown reasons we decided to switch planets. In our search, we came across a very pleasant Earth and we decided to not leave it for a good time.

This is explained by UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES in their own segment called “Is Civilization on Earth 103 Million Years Old and were they, Aliens?”

If you’re looking for a good watch definitely give it a try, as it goes a lot more in-depth of this overarching theory.

But, why would anyone believe this theory? The fact of the matter is that there is a lot of proof regarding it.

Take for example the multiple pyramids that were recently discovered by the Curiosity Rover on Mars.

They either mean that the aliens built them themselves on our planet or that we were inspired by them to begin with.

But if they did build it on our planet then they could just as easily have stayed on the planet ever since too, making them our direct ancestors.

Regardless, watch the following video and make up your own mind about this fascinating theory.


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