A New Gigantic Alien Spaceship is Approaching Earth – Found on Google Sky

A New Gigantic Alien Spaceship is Approaching Earth – Found on Google Sky

The Black Knight alien ship is by far one of the most well-known ships to have ever been uncovered by astronomers and ufologists. Despite the fact that a lot of people deny its existence, there is plenty of proof that supports it.

For example, it was originally discovered back in 1958 by an American amateur astronomer and if that wasn’t enough, back in 1998 the Endeavor Space Shuttle actually managed to take a few pictures of it.

It is believed to circle around the earth every 15-20 years or so and according to many experts in the field, its main purpose is to keep an eye on us at all times.

By using Google Sky, however, a new discovery was made by a group of amateur astronomers and virtual archaeologists. What appears to be a cigar-shaped UFO has been spotted by them.

It has been estimated to be around 120 meters long or so, with around 100 meters in diameter.

Some even claim that it is connected with the mysterious Oumuamua, another space object which has been observed by many and proven to be spying on us from outer space.

What do you think though? You can find it yourself at the following coordinates: 2 41 32.38 7 53 16.51


Author: Calican Toro

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