EXCLUSIVE CLIP: Bob Lazar discusses Element 115

Bob Lazar claims he worked at a secret location near Area 51 trying to figure out how an advanced propulsion system worked that used a mysterious material called Element 115. He says the propulsion system he was trying to figure out was too sophisticated to be made by humans. Lazar believed it to be technology from an advanced extraterrestrial civilization. He first made these claims publicly in 1989. The media explosion his claims made are the reason Area 51 and its alleged alien connections are famous.

It is no surprise that Lazar’s claims are controversial, including his claim that the alleged alien propulsion system uses element 115. At the time, scientists theorized that if they could produce element 115, it would have a half-life so short it would only exist for a fraction of a second. Sure enough, when scientists finally produced element 115 in a lab, it was gone in milliseconds. Lazar claims the element 115 he used could remain stable and even claimed to have a piece.

In filmmaker Jeremy Corbell’s recent documentary, Bob Lazar: Area 51 and Flying Saucers, it is suggested that Lazar’s claim to have a piece of element 115 has brought him scrutiny from the U.S. government. Corbell provided OpenMinds.tv with an exclusive clip (seen above) from the documentary that appears to indicate someone is going to extreme lengths to monitor Lazar’s activities.

Thus far, Corbell’s film has only been available for download. However, tonight it will be available to rent at these links on iTunes, Amazon, and Vimeo.

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